Terms of service

Welcome My ma wallet PayPal & Skrill and Other Currency Issue

  1. Our order completed within max 20 minutes to 3 hour (If Admin Online).
  2. For PayPal Sending from user end you need to send USD buy using friends and family option from your account. (goods and service, Gift payment won't be acceptable)
  3. Only PayPal User send FNF Money and Write Must Be PayPal Note (“I am sending my money to my cousin as a gift so this money can't be refundable, any complaint or dispute is not acceptable.”), Otherwise Not Received Your Exchange Money.
  4. Paypal User Must be need to pay with their transaction fee. 
  5. Paypal and Skrill transaction time max 20 to 24 hours (Don't call admin before pass 24 hours).
  6. Skrill Neteller Your Are A New Member Then You Test My Service Then You Minimum Order 5$ 
  7. Customer need to bear their own wallet transaction fee. Like if you need exact 10$ of skrill or NETELLER you need to pay with their transaction fee. (minimum 0.62$ for skrill and 0.50$ for NETELLER )
  8. For Payoneer gateway you have to exchange minimum 100$.
  9. All Member Use Your Affiliate Link And Enjoy Earning My Site.

Welcome My ma wallet Bangladesh The Trusted Money Exchanger

  1. Our order completed time max 30 minutes to 3 hour.
  2. Our buy-sell and exchange rate is Low And This Reason Paypal & Skrill & Neteller fee will be bear you.
  3. Sometime we will ask you some personal question for inquiries of paypal buy-sell or exchange
  4. You can call me for instant payment. The number is on our Contact Page.
  5. Due payment of any transaction is not possible.
  6. Sometimes we stop receiving some currency for to much reserve or low balance in our account.(2$-4$dollar send bkash fee 5 taka)5$-10000$ dollar bkash sent fee 0.00 taka
  7. tk & dollar rufant time 7-10 day ar vitor ok